Qore Performance IceVents® Classic AVS Harness Pad Set


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ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilated AVS Harness Pad Set

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The brand new ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilated AVS Harness Pad Set is a set of four improved ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilation Pads that directly replace the foam pads of a plate carrier. Also suitable as an upgrade for the Crye Precision AVS (Adaptive Vest System).

ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilated AVS Harness Pad Sets are based on the ICEVENTS® Classic plate carrier ventilation pad platform and provide ventilation and padding under the Crye Precision AVS Harness or other plate carriers to significantly improve air circulation and long-term comfort. Stand-off ventilation inside the Crye Precision AVS promotes evaporative cooling and eliminates hotspots.

The ICEVENTS® pads for the plate carrier have a permanently bonded Velcro hook back that allows individual placement of the ventilation pads on Velcro loop surfaces of the AVS Harness, or plate carrier.

  • Delivery includes 4x ICEVENTS® Classic Ventilation Pads

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