Qore Performance IceVents® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)


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ICEVENTS® Aero Holster Pad (Safariland UBL)

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Performance under pressure.

The all-new IceVents® Aero Holster Pad eliminates the pressure point (hotspot) created by the Safariland UBL (Universal Belt Loop) on the nerves that control your lower leg. Despite weighing next to nothing, the IceVents® Aero Holster Pad also provides stand-off ventilation and is fully optimized for the Safariland UBL (our favorite holster adapter because of weight and simplicity). The mount height/placement can be adjusted for use with or without leg straps.

IceVents® Aero Holster Pads are available in black only, no other colors are planned. They are almost completely covered by your UBL, so even if we made them in Coyote Brown, no one would see them.

Holster and equipment shown not included.

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