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A Turbocharger for the human body.

Worn close to the body, IcePlate® Curve is a Medium ESAPI-shaped water bottle that cools/warms/hydrates you with 50 fl oz (1.5 L) of drinking water delivering 70 watts of cooling power and 52 watts of heating power with hands-free plate carrier hydration or backpack hydration for unparalleled control over your environment. Another way to think of IcePlate is like a booster rocket: designed to put you into orbit with a full tank of gas, not necessarily to last the entire mission. Engineered for elite users looking for every edge in the performance of their duties, IcePlate® Curve creates decisive competitive advantages where none previously existed by weaponizing temperature to enhance performance and survivability. Anyone looking to settle for “good enough” should look elsewhere.

  • Source 90 Drink Tube length: 86 cm
  • Weight: 340 gramm
  • Capacity: 1,5 l
  • Cooling Duration: Lasts 2-4 hours (after freezing overnight for 6-8 hours, actual results will vary based on external variables: solar exposure, ambient temp, external heat sources (i.e. engines), relative humidity, size/frame of user, metabolic capacity, work load)
  • BPA-free, FDA Approved, Dishwasher Safe HDPE
  • Multiple US and International Patents Pending
  • Made in USA from US Materials

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